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A Brief History

Originally founded in February 2002 as the Myeloma Foundation and Support Group of Barbados, we broadened our scope in May of that year to include Lymphoma and Leukaemia and became known as The Myeloma, Lymphoma and Leukaemia Foundation of Barbados. We are registered as Charity #579.

The Foundation finds its genesis in the fact that the experiences and needs of persons afflicted with blood related cancers are extremely complex and far more unique than those afflicted with more well-known cancers.

The Main Objectives of the Foundation


To provide a support network for sufferers of blood related cancers and their families.


To act as an effective lobbying agent on behalf of such persons to influence government policy on matters pertaining to blood related cancers.


To educate the Barbadian public about blood related cancers.

Our mission, therefore, is to provide comprehensive support to persons suffering from Myeloma, Lymphoma, Leukaemia and other blood-related disorders.